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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

After being in the tree business for over 30 years we’ve had a lot of questions. Our FAQs provides answers to the most often asked questions about trees, arboriculture, or us.

Answer: It is important know, in advance what to expect, what methods will be used and what procedures will be followed. Some questions that may helpful are:

  • Will the work be completed by a certified arborist?
  • Will you climb spurless or with spurs?
  • What equipment will be used to complete the job?
  • If left, will the wood be left in rounds or split and stacked?
  • What kind of damage if any is expected to my property? Can we lessen any expected damage? And what precautions will be taken to protect my property?
  • If the mulch is left will you be spreading it or leaving it in a pile?
  • How long is the job expected to take and when can the work be done?
  • Is a permit is required? If so, who will be picking up the permit?
  • How low to the ground will the tree be cut?
  • How is the trimming expected to look when finished?
  • Do you have liability insurance?
  • Are you covered by Worksafe B.C.?
  • Never assume that all tree service companies are the same because they aren’t!

Homeowners could be held responsible for damages or injuries caused by uninsured tree companies. In BC, tree services companies should have personal and property damage insurance as well as WSBC coverage. Burley Boys carries $7 million in liability insurance, and has had continuous coverage with Work Safe BC for over 30 years!

Answer: A certified arborist is a specialist in the care of trees, shrubs, bushes, and vines.

To become an ISA Certified Arborist you must successfully complete The ISA Certification exam. This is an extensive examination that covers 10 areas of Arbour culture.

Once certified, an Arborist will hone his/her skills on one or more areas specific to Arboriculture.

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Answer: A Landscaper with credentials is quite capable of pruning and maintaining smaller trees and shrubs.

An experienced Tree Service Company will have qualified staff to tackles all sizes of jobs and unlike a Landscaper, a Tree Service Company is insured for heights of over 16ft.

The heavy equipment used by Tree Service companies can be costly so there are times when it may be more cost effective to hire a Landscaper rather than a Tree Service Company.

Tree felling is reputed to be one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada.

Where do these fallers come from? How did they learn this expertise? And why do they do it?

This 9 minute video answers a few of those questions.

More Tree Falling Videos

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Answer: This is a difficult question to generalize about.

Scheduling for tree pruning is not simply species specific. Pruning for view, aesthetics, or for health, often changes the way pruning is approached.

We strongly recommend that you consult with a Certified Arborist before doing any pruning but, typically, in the mild climate of the west coast, you can prune most conifers anytime.

You should refrain from pruning when the trees are starting to flower or starting to show their leaves (leaf flush.)

Answer: Yes – A tree will be healthier and maintain better shape if regular maintenance is performed.

Answer: The same principles that apply to trees apply to hedges.

There is no “correct answer” to this question as each situation may be very different and dependent on what it is you are trying to achieve. Again, we strongly recommend that you consult with a Certified Arborist.

Generally speaking, because of the dormancy of the winter months, doing your hedges in the fall allows you the most time between cuttings.

Answer: Factors taken into consideration when deciding if transplanting is feasible or not include:

  • season
  • tree health
  • tree size
  • original and destination environmental conditions

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Answer: The nurseries won’t dig their trees when it is too wet or too dry so it depends on the weather, but traditionally spring and fall are the favoured times to plant.

Answer: Good for your garden! Green chips from the chippers can used for many applications in your garden.

Burley Boys offers loads of  mixed wood chips, provided on an as available basis. The minimum quantity for delivery is approximately 5 cubic yards (maximum 20 cubic yards).

Please note there is a delivery fee to cover transportation costs (fee varies by area), or pick up from our yard in North Vancouver is by donation.

To arrange delivery, contact us here.

Answer: Chips from stump grinding above grade are good clean chips that can easily be spread around the garden.

Chips from below grade are mixed with soil. A layer of organic mulch can be very beneficial to the garden.

Answer: The tires on the stump grinder are rubber, enabling the machine to go on your lawn without damaging it.

If the lawn is wet we can put down plywood to reduce the amount of impact.

Answer: Installing a “root barrier” is an extremely effective way to keep roots from spreading into unwanted areas.

A plastic barrier is installed underground to prevent the roots from spreading in a particular direction.

Answer: Depending on the species, trees can be pruned to manage their size.

Answer: Initially no, but as it grows it can girdle and deform the trunk and limbs.

The ivy can grow thick and mask any defects in the tree. It can also add immense canopy weight which can lead to tree and limb failures.

Here’s a link to more info:
Arbor Ecology Ltd. – Ivy, friend or foe?

Answer: Cabling and bracing is a method by which a cable system is installed in the trees canopy to help prevent a failure of a large section of the tree.

It is usually used where there is a visible defect in a tree that is considered valuable and needs to be retained.

Cable systems are not a “guarantee that the tree is safe” and they do require regular inspections and maintenance.

Answer: Yes. Most stumps are ground down to from 8″ to 10″ below grade but it is possible to remove deeper roots by modifying the grade around the stump.

Answer: We can discuss any specific challenges to working on the trees at your property, but generally NO, we will not damage your property while working on your trees.

We can use cranes to remove or trim trees; lifting the debris out to the road.

Wood and branches can be lowered by use of ropes and plywood can be put on lawns and sides of houses and plants to help protect the area and reduce the risk of any damage.

Disclaimer: If discussed prior to the job.

Answer:Depending on where your property is located you may need a permit to perform tree work on your property. More information is available at your municipality’s website.

If you have any additional questions, an Arborist can advise you before commencing any work.

Answer: If you are unsure if the tree is on your property, we recommend you consult with an Arborist before proceeding with any tree work. You can also view your property lines through your local municipality’s online GIS maps.

Try getting two or three detailed estimates from competing tree companies. If you receive more than one bid, do not automatically accept the lowest bid, this may indicate the quality of the work or the completeness of the job. Carefully check the specification of each bid to compare details of how the work will be accomplished, the insurance of each company, and the professionalism you received during the bid process. Always ask if the offer is a quote or an estimate, and if an estimate, what the hourly rate is, if the job exceeds the estimate.

Note: Insurance rates for arborists are the highest in the green industry so a low bid might also reflect an under-insured or otherwise high-risk bidder.

“The crew did an incredible job! They were on time, worked very hard all day and were very courteous to myself and our neighbours. We will certainly recommend your company to others.”

– Donna K.

“I have used the Burley Boys for years. The work is always done just the way I ask.”

– Sheila F.

“The guys did a great job. Amazing how they were able to fall all that material without damaging my garden below.”

– Dorothy M.

“I have had the Burley Boys on several occasions and have always been pleased with their work and often recommend them. They are always kind and courteous, qualities that are much appreciated.”

– Pat R.

“The “Big Boys of the Tree Business” did an outstanding job. Thank you for your work, your professional approach and knowledge, the clean site etc.”

– Allen B.

Great opportunity to tell you how very pleased we are with your employees and service. For estimate and service, were professional, timely, efficient, pleasant, responded appropriately to my one concern. Have used your services in 3 houses over 30 years and will continue to do so. Job well done!

– Linda & David D.

“The crew were most professional and provided a well organized and executed job. I would be pleased to recommend you at any time.”

– Brian P.

“Very friendly crew. The work was done very professionally & cleaned up well afterwards. We are very pleased with the results and have already been recommending you to some friends. Thank you.”

– Nancy S.

“I appreciate Erik & his crew’s level of professionalism. They did a great job and I will be calling in the future. Thank you.”

– Shannon G.

“I loved Sean. He came to the door to inform us of the plan for the day. Moved our cars etc. He came again at the end. A friendly good-bye. Civil. Thanks.”

– David & Joanne U.

“In the 28 yrs we have lived here, Burley Boys does the best work that we have ever experienced.”

– John B.

“Thank you Burley Boys! Thank you Erik – and a special thanks to Adam and his team who did such a caring and special pruning and clean up! Wonderful work! Good service!”

– Heidi & Ray P.

“I was very impressed with Burley Boys, from initial phone call to end of job. You showed up on time, returned calls promptly and did a great job. Thanks very much.”

– Megan H.

“The work was wonderful, as are the men who did the work; friendly and attentive to detail; excellent customer service. Thanks again.”

– Susanne & Randy D.

“We really appreciate the great work Sean’s guys do. We now have more sunlight streaming in and less gutters to clean. Yiipppeeee!”

– Connie R.

“The crew was able to remove my pine without damaging all the bushes around it. I just wish I’d been there to see how they did it!”

– Joan C.

To see how Burley Boys Tree Service can improve your property, CONTACT US.

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