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Arborist Services

What is an Arborist?

A Certified Arborist is a specialist in the care of woody plants, primarily trees; but also including bushes, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants used for landscaping or shade. A Certified Arborist’s work is known as arboriculture.

“The work of an arborist is distinct from that of a forester, logger, or a faller. Arborists focus on health and safety issues of either individual trees or treed landscapes, rather than managing forests or harvesting wood.”

ISA Certified Arborists on Staff

Sean Wightman – ISA ARBORIST / TRAQ #PN2013A
Erik Helssen – ISA ARBORIST / TRAQ #PN6524A
Matt Soutar – ISA ARBORIST / TRAQ #PN6935A

ISA Member

ISA Certified Arborist

Typical services provided by arborists include:

Arborist Reports

Permit Applications

Many municipalities now require An Arborist Report to accompany many applications. These include reports outlining proposed tree work within stream, slope or covenant protection areas, work proposed to oversize trees, or tree removal/retention outlines and site supervision reports for property development or construction permits.

Tree Risk Assessments

If you have concerns over the safety or health of your trees, a Burley Boys Certified Arborist will visit your property, assess the trees, and provide you with a report of their findings and recommendations. The outcome will be flourishing trees, hedges and safe surroundings for your property’s occupants.

Tree Management Plans

A Burley Boys Certified Arborist will work with you to outline short & long term arbor care plans for your property’s trees & hedges, including pruning, removals, planting & general care and maintenance.

Emergency Services

When storms or accidents cause entire trees or significant portions thereof to collapse, an arborist can assist in assessing the safest way to clear the fallen limbs while minimizing the likelihood of any further damage.

Call our 24/7 Emergency Service at:

604-926-TREE (8733)

Air Spading

An Air-Spade is a tool used to carefully expose roots of trees without causing damage, as might occur with a traditional machine, such as an excavator. A Burley Boys Certified Arborist may use an Air-Spade to conduct exploratory digging to examine the root systems of trees, to prepare trenches for the aeration, fertilization & mulching of trees, or to expose roots for pruning prior to grade changes on construction sites.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is discouraged wherever possible in favour of trimming to control growth . However, in some cases, there are no alternatives, and an Arborist may recommend removal such as if the tree is dead, dying, hazardous, or causing irreparable damage to buildings or services.

For more information please see ⇒ Tree Removal & Pruning

Hedge Trimming

Yes, arborists know as much about hedges as they do about trees. If your hedges are not growing well, or if they are just in need of trimming, it may be time to call an arborist.

For more information please see ⇒ Hedge Trimming


An arborist can determine if and when pruning is necessary in order to maintain or improve the health, appearance, or safety of the tree or it’s surroundings.

For more information please see ⇒ Tree Removal & Pruning

Why Hire an ISA Certified Arborist?

Increase Property Value

For one, Arborist Services, especially with trees, can increase property values as much as 20 percent.

And, for example, if you plant a tree today on the west side of your home, in 5 years your energy bills should be 3% less. In 15 years the savings will be nearly 12%.

With so much at risk, why trust your valuable trees to anyone but a certified arborist?

Are You Qualified?

A certified arborist is a trained professional in tree care. Arborists are qualified to assess the health of a tree and determine if, when, and what portions of a tree should be trimmed in order to maintain the tree’s health, beauty, and the safety of the surrounding environment.

Permits are often required before removing or even cutting certain species of trees. Arborists local to the area are familiar with the laws, and are authorized to prepare the necessary paperwork required before obtaining a permit.

If you are unsure, always check with an arborist before cutting a tree.

Mistakes = Disastrous Consequences

Burley Boys Tree Service, arborist

Bad judgment in tree trimming can result in disastrous consequences including:

  • property damage
  • personal injury to the cutter or others
  • impairing future growth
  • death of the tree
  • over-cutting that can take years (if ever) to recover from
  • undercutting that can mean another costly visit sooner then anticipated

Arborists have the proper equipment to perform tree work safely, and the experience to ensure the job is well done.

Most arborists carry the necessary insurance to cover anything that may go wrong. If you hire an uninsured worker and any damages occur, you are responsible for repair or replacement.

“The crew did an incredible job! They were on time, worked very hard all day and were very courteous to myself and our neighbours. We will certainly recommend your company to others.”

– Donna K.

“I have used the Burley Boys for years. The work is always done just the way I ask.”

– Sheila F.

“The guys did a great job. Amazing how they were able to fall all that material without damaging my garden below.”

– Dorothy M.

“I have had the Burley Boys on several occasions and have always been pleased with their work and often recommend them. They are always kind and courteous, qualities that are much appreciated.”

– Pat R.

“The “Big Boys of the Tree Business” did an outstanding job. Thank you for your work, your professional approach and knowledge, the clean site etc.”

– Allen B.

Great opportunity to tell you how very pleased we are with your employees and service. For estimate and service, were professional, timely, efficient, pleasant, responded appropriately to my one concern. Have used your services in 3 houses over 30 years and will continue to do so. Job well done!

– Linda & David D.

“The crew were most professional and provided a well organized and executed job. I would be pleased to recommend you at any time.”

– Brian P.

“Very friendly crew. The work was done very professionally & cleaned up well afterwards. We are very pleased with the results and have already been recommending you to some friends. Thank you.”

– Nancy S.

“I appreciate Erik & his crew’s level of professionalism. They did a great job and I will be calling in the future. Thank you.”

– Shannon G.

“I loved Sean. He came to the door to inform us of the plan for the day. Moved our cars etc. He came again at the end. A friendly good-bye. Civil. Thanks.”

– David & Joanne U.

“In the 28 yrs we have lived here, Burley Boys does the best work that we have ever experienced.”

– John B.

“Thank you Burley Boys! Thank you Erik – and a special thanks to Adam and his team who did such a caring and special pruning and clean up! Wonderful work! Good service!”

– Heidi & Ray P.

“I was very impressed with Burley Boys, from initial phone call to end of job. You showed up on time, returned calls promptly and did a great job. Thanks very much.”

– Megan H.

“The work was wonderful, as are the men who did the work; friendly and attentive to detail; excellent customer service. Thanks again.”

– Susanne & Randy D.

“We really appreciate the great work Sean’s guys do. We now have more sunlight streaming in and less gutters to clean. Yiipppeeee!”

– Connie R.

“The crew was able to remove my pine without damaging all the bushes around it. I just wish I’d been there to see how they did it!”

– Joan C.

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